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 I have really enjoyed the benefits and feel very confident that I will continue to benefit. All of the staff has been very professional and kind and it is truly a pleasure going!  ~  M. Nelson

I felt that conventional orthopedics had failed me; it only masked the problem, but kept coming back. I wanted a new approach in an attempt to find lasting results..... I found that in chiropractic and with Dr. Austin. ~J. Kaltenbacher

After treating at CenterPoint Chiropractic I can't remember the last time I had a headache or migraine, I sleep better and amazingly, I almost never catch colds Anymore... and that's saying a lot because it seemed I was always fighting one cold or another the last several years.

Get a consultation with Dr. Austin. He's professional and enthusiastic about getting to the root of your symptoms to solve them holistically instead of offering you a drug for the pain. ~ A. Dobos